ISLAMABAD - The recently approved 61 quality standards by the cabinet mainly cover electronics, batteries, vehicles, food items, cosmetics, amusement rides and parks, surgical equip­ment, construction materials and farming fertilisers and pesticides.

These standards were approved by the federal cabinet on the summary moved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. 

The document available with The Nation reveals the list of all 61 items that were ap­proved in the cabinet for their upgradation to the international standards.

Among the list, electronic items which are approved to be upgraded are the high­est in numbers. Electronical gadgets and other products used in homes which are to be upgraded include Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) and Energy Star Rating for Television Receivers, sound system equipment (laud speakers), better quality headphones/ airpods, switches for household and similar fixed electrical in­stallations (general requirements), clothes washing machine for household use, multi­ple split- system air-conditioners and air to air heat pumps and non-duck air condition­ers, electric irons for household or similar use, plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes (particular require­ments for fused plugs and switched sock­et-outlets without interlock for fixed instal­lation), household microwave ovens and upgradation of sockets (particular require­ments for switched socket-outlets with in­terlock for fixed electrical installations). 

The items in the list for upgradation fur­ther include vehicle parts such as premium quality rubber tyres for every ride (cycle/car or truck), the quality of tyre rim and car­bon body car sheets. 

For fertilisers and pesticides, the list ap­proved contains multi nutrient fertilisers, bio fertilisers, ammonium sulphate fertil­isers and potassium sulphate fertilisers. Whereas the surgical and hospital equip­ment and machinery for upgradation are medical diagnostic X-ray equipment, medi­cal electrical equipments - dosimeters with ionization chambers as used 

in radiotherapy, heat-treatable steels, al­loy steels and free-cutting steels for sur­geries, Spectacle frames and Sterile Surgi­cal Glove. 

Many items in the list for upgradation are related to construction materials and steel or iron. For example, hot-rolled car­bon steel sheets, cold reduced carbon steel sheets, aluminum and aluminum al­loys (chemical composition and mechani­cal properties), safety of amusement rides and amusement devices plus requirements for inspection during their designing, man­ufacturing, operationing and usage, buried polyethylene (PE) pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels metric series-specification, polyethylene (PE) pipes for water sup­ply-specification, polypropylene (PP) pipes dimensions, polyethylene up right storage tanks, sanitary taps and chemical admix­ture for concrete are included in the list shared by an official at the Ministry of Sci­ence and Technology. 

The list of cosmetics which are to be up­graded and approved are hair oils/ creams, face-wash/creams and Skin powders.

The food items which are to be standard­ised are tetra packed fruit juices sold in the markets, the quality of wheat flour, Coffee and its manufacturing and lastly cooking and other types of oil manufacturing and their quality. 

Apart from these items, UPS and different types of electric cables are also listed in the document.

Minister for science and technology had explained to this correspondent on Mon­day at his office that the step was taken to enhance the lifestyle of a common man. He explained that maintaining good quality in basic commodities as well as things often­ly used, improves not only lifestyle but also comforts the users.