In response to India’s faulty and error-laden Pulwama attack charge sheet, Pakistan Office (FO) spokesperson Zahid Chaudhri released a statement laying out the facts that the whole world already knows about the attack. There are just too many inconsistencies and dubious circumstances surrounding India’s version of the attacks, which is why no international organisation or country has taken their allegations seriously.

“Cui bono?”—a Latin phrase meaning “to whom is it a benefit?”, was a phrase that ancient Roman lawyer and philosopher Cicero would use to identify the suspect of a crime. Similarly, the FO pointed out that this was a likely false-flag operation. The timing of the Pulwama attack, just two months before the Lok Sabha elections in India, the fact that the explosives used in the attack were collected from inside Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir, and that the key accused persons in the attack have already been killed by Indian forces, clouded India’s narrative around the attack.

The Indian National Investigation Agency’s charge-sheet, which named 19 people who it said allegedly carried out the attack at Pakistan’s behest, shows that not only is India dishonestly using an attack to further its agenda, but also reveals how out-of-touch the country’s foreign police has gotten lately. The peddling of terrorism charges against Pakistan and depicting Pakistan as violent on the international stage simply does not work anymore with current developments. Pakistan is actively working with international organisations to curb terrorism financing and strengthen its laws to leave no loopholes for non-state actors to finance extremism. With the visible scrutiny from FATF and other international organisations, Pakistan has made huge leaps to stand against all forms of terrorisms, most recently including passing several laws against financial corruption in compliance with the FATF and issuing arrest warrants against wanted extremists.

The facts are out there for the world to see. India has entailed in one too many inconsistencies and suspicions. Such dishonest and lazy allegations will not discredit Pakistan anymore.