JAKARTA (AFP) - Indonesian police said Sunday they had detained in East Java province 17 Afghan and Iraqi migrants who were trying to reach Australia. The men - 14 Afghans and three Iraqis - were arrested early Sunday at the coast in Sidoarjo district, district police chief Muhammad Iqbal told AFP. A wooden boat was waiting there to take them to Australia. We managed to get to the migrants before they could get on to the boat, he added. They had no documents on them and they wanted to go to Australia to seek asylum, Iqbal said. We are still questioning the migrants. We suspect they were brought here by people smugglers, he added. Meanwhile, five cold and hungry Afghan teenagers were discovered wandering a southern Swedish town after being dumped in a forest days earlier by smugglers, a priest who had taken them in said Sunday. A member of the church had found the four minors and a boy aged 18 in the southern town of Savsjo on Thursday, Christmas Eve, local pastor Jonas Nystrom told AFP. Swiss radio said the youngest one is aged 14. Nystrom said the police had asked the local parish to look after the teenagers until the social services opened on Monday following a Christmas break.