We have breaking news about terrorist attacks virtually every hour now. Terrorism is generally defined as the deliberate, unjustifiable use of violence against common man for the sake of political objectives. Terrorism is a reality worldwide now but it is in its worst form in our country where the economy is already on its last legs. That is why it is being regarded here as the greatest threat to social and economic development of Pakistan that is actually fueling poverty and backwardness among people. It takes many years for poor people to make an abode or a 'street-asset' that could help them generate some earnings but a single bomb blast can obliterate that asset in seconds besides causing debilitating injuries or innocent deaths that debilitate families for generations. To establish peace and stability in our country and the world at large, terrorism must be defeated at any cost. Our leaders should find some solution for this evil and try to control the factors behind it. We have to be wide-awake too to play our role as citizens and must distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Otherwise, we shall be no more on the map of world. -AISHA REHMAN, Lahore, December 26.