Pakistani government is being bamboozled to follow non-issues. Media has a very fundamental role in the rehabilitation, development and progress of any country provided it plays an impartial and positive role. But since long, our media is trying to rule the rulers and public alike rather than advising them on what is best for the country. The media has the public puzzled just as it has the government entangled in issues of trivial importance. The main issue that media ought to highlight and debate upon at present is not whether Prime Minister should have this power or that or the constitution be amended this way or that but how should we deal with the coming 'surge in US troops in Afghanistan'. US President Barack Obama practically gave his Afghan policy for the next eighteen months saying that the US will work within that period on how to leave Afghanistan and it shall see "which country of the region would can play a vital role for US interests". Analysts all over the world are of the view that this country is going to be India. US is preparing India for a proxy war in Afghanistan to combat the rising power of China in the region. This is an earth-shattering development but, meanwhile, our journalists, columnists and anchors, from the senior most to the level of junior reporters, are all busy digging out issues of rank insignificance. -RIAZ ALI TOORI, Parachinar, December 26