KARACHI- (PR) The infrastructure of Dubai is unparalleled in the entire Middle East and South Asian region, and no other city or country in this part of the world can match Dubai in terms of the opportunities and long-term future investments. These views were expressed by President Iskander Sultan Khwaja and Vice President Tahir Hussain Schon of Pakistan Business Council, Dubai, during a media briefing about investment opportunities in Dubai. Both officials said Dubai was one of the best places to do business that is why it is called the financial powerhouse of the region. They said the difficulties faced by global economies did have a bearing on the business, environment in the emirate, but it was not a major issue as had been projected by certain rumours mongers. They said that the current problems faced by Dubai also emanated from the financial crisis, which began with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. They said that though some business located in Dubai had suffered because of that crisis, the fundamentals of business organisation operating out of Dubai were strong and they would soon overcome their difficulties. Both Pakistani entrepreneurs said the leadership and economic policies of the rulers of Dubai were wise and they had full confidence and faith in Dubais leadership. Both Pakistani business leaders hoped that Dubai would bounce back in a very short period because of these economic policies. They said the economic difficulties faced by Dubai were a temporary phenomena and should not last more than three years at the maximum. The Pakistani entrepreneurs said the $ 10 billion assistance extended by Abu Dhabi to Dubai showed the fundamentals of Dubai business infrastructure were strong and investors had no reason to worry. The Pakistan Business Council Dubai has 6,000 members, some of whom have operated out of Dubai for almost 40 years.