RAWALPINDI (Online) - The growing encroachments at Faizabad Overhead Bridge are causing immense inconvenience to the pedestrians, who use this facility to cross the Murree Road in traffic rush hours. It has been observed that due to encroachments, the pedestrians prefer crossing Murree Road, through a cutting in the iron grills erected in the centre of the road, which is a dangerous step. Abrar Ahmed, a resident of the city while narrating his problems said that the encroachers mostly fortunetellers and vendors selling their items also speak loudly to attract the people. Another pedestrian underlined that the bridge do not has much space and the gathering around these vendors made difficult for pedestrians to use the bridge and the women and young girls have no choice but to adopt the other way instead of using the bridge. Saima Khan, a student emphasized that the bridge was made for safe passage of pedestrians, however it has been made a 'Lunda Bazaar now and demanded of authorities concerned to take action against these encroachers. Another woman while complaining about the situation said that the vendors looking towards young girls and also adopting ways for selling of their items which was a source of irritation for them. A pedestrian Sami Masud said: Several operations have been launched against these encroachers, but they occupy some places soon after the operation.