KARACHI-The favouritism has been witnessed in the provision of allotment of official residences facilities to the employees of Sindh government, sources told The Nation on Sunday. Though, the rules pertaining eligibility to get official residential facility are clear, which restrict this facility for non-secretariat officers of Sindh government. But, according to sources, lots of government employees are enjoying the facility with the blessing of the higher authorities. Sindh Chief Secretary Fazulur Rehman has issued directives not to allow the official residences for non-Secretariat officers of Sindh government. Similarly, the Chief Secretary also has issued directives to get vacate the official residences from Sindh Secretariat officers after three months of their retirement. Despite these clear directives, an official/Engineer of Works and Services Department Nasir Hussain is still occupying the official residence at Hamayun House/GOR-2 in Garden area of Karachi with the blessing of higher ups in the Sindh government. It is interesting that the officer has been transferred to Sindh House in Islamabad, but official residence was still in his possession, which is violation of rules pertaining to allotment of official residence to government employees, sources said. Sources said that the officer is in Islamabad, but his residence was locked as authorities could not dare to get vacate his official residence. The above officer is supposed to be close to senior officer in Sindh bureaucracy. In contrast to the above case, the authorities concerned with the approval of Sindh Chief Secretary had issued directives to get vacate the official residences from the non-secretariat officers of Sindh government. The official sources quoting the rules said that as per allotment policy the government residence is meant for Secretariat employees of the Sindh government. Furthermore, the rules are also bar the residence fro non-government officers. The rules said: The allotment does not entitle to any lien on the residence; this facility could be availed till any secretariat employee who posted in Karachi. Moreover, the house is to be occupied within four days from the date of handing over vacant possession of the bungalow/Flat by the executive Engineer Provincial building. However, the charges on account of municipal services like water supply, conservancy etc shall be payable by the officers every month, while charges on account gas and electricity shall also be paid by officers, however the relevant rules pointed out that it will be officers interest to see that all bills are paid regularly and nothing falls in arrears otherwise occupants will face unpleasant situation and also difficulties while vacating the house on transfer/retirement. Though, rules further said, 'That officers will vacate the official residence immediately on their transfer from Karachi, retirement from government service or acancellation of allotment and will deliver the vacant possession to the Executive Engineer Provincial Building Division. Against the above mentioned allotment policy for government officers, an officer of Works and Services Department who has been transferred to Islamabad Sindh House, but official residence at GOR-2 was still in his possession, which is violation allotment policy, sources said.