KARACHI - WWF Pakistan launched its publication titled citizens guide to environmental rights: duties and obligations here at the workshop. Speaking on the occasion the former Secretary Environment and Alternate Energy Department, Mohammad Hashim Leghari said that plethora of laws exist, which are directly or indirectly related to environment. However, he regretted that implementation of these laws was weak. He said that environmental tribunal was functional and civil society organisations might take the cases to the tribunal. He said that indiscriminate deforestation was taking place in various parts of the province, while water shortage has affected social and ecological well being. He said that sea intrusion had devastated the deltaic ecosystem and its inhabitants. He highlighted the need to promote alternate energy to reduce the pressure on natural resources. Prof. Qalandar Shah said that environmental education was vital to address growing environmental challenges, adding that environment can only be protected thorough mass movement like Chipko movement, and such kind of movement is required here on an urgent basis. The Programme Coordinator, Indus for All Programme Nasir Ali Panhwar said that the guide elaborates environmental legislation with more focus on those of Sindh Province, citizens environmental rights and the ways to resolve environmental problems. The guide has been published under awareness raising and capacity building component of Indus for All Programme. He hoped that it would create awareness among general pubic especially the rural communities about their environmental rights, duties and obligations. He added that guide would enable civil society organisations to undertake better advocacy through problem solving skills. Qazi Athar Advocate informed about effective use of guide, advocating for citizens environmental rights and resolving environmental issues. He urged these bodies that before appreciating court, all preliminary work should be undertaken to make the case sound, which has minimum chances of dismissal. Dr. Ali Murtaza Dharejo said that without political will, increasing environmental problems could not be tackled, adding that every sector is passing through deterioration including environment. Manager Education & Communication Zafar Khan, Lala Fazal Balaee, Zain Daudpoto, Anees Hilayo, Naz Sahito, Ishaqe Mangrio, Iqbal Mallah, Arshi Tunio, Rahila Memon and others also spoke on the occasion. Representatives of civil society organizations, community based organizations of Keti Bunder, Keenjhar, Chotiari and Pai Forest also attended the workshop.