ISLAMABAD Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has given its recommendations to ruling Pakistan Peoples Party on the proposed draft bill of National Accountability Commission (NAC) and it is expected that the NA Standing Committee on Law and Justice will table the bill of the new accountability apparatus before the National Assembly in the upcoming session starting from January 4. Sources in the PPP-led coalition government informed that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has given the draft bill of the proposed NAC to PML-N leadership and asked them to give their recommendations so that the same could be tabled before the Parliament for legislation. Political observers are according special significance to the proposed NAC draft bill as, according to them, its importance has increased manifolds after the striking down of National Reconciliation Ordinance by the apex court. A member of coalition government said now the whole focus would be on the NAC draft bill as the NRO beneficiaries, whose cases are reopened in the light of the apex court direction, could get away with these cases through NAC which would likely be empowered to sift the politically motivated cases from the whole lot of cases in question. The NAC would seek its strength from the Parliament and the key appointments in it would also be made by the Prime Minister in consultation with the Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly and a committee comprising equal number of MPs from both opposition and treasury benches. So under this level of dependence on the Parliament, the NAC could not act with liberty against the MPs from whom it seeks strength, an MP belonging to opposition commented. The sources in the Government informed that it was agreed between the major political parties - PPP and PML(N) - that the proposed NAC would be given powers to review all the previous cases of corruption so that the politically-motivated cases could be segregated from the genuine ones. Previously the PML(N) members of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Law and Justice had put their foot down on the monetary and administrative autonomy of NAC, and after a little resistance, the PPP people agreed to the demands of PML(N). Later, it was decided by the Premier Gilani that the NAC draft bill be sent to PML(N) Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif so that they could give their input on the bill. The sources in the PML(N) informed that they had submitted their recommendations to the government and hoped that government would table the much-awaited National Accountability Commission bill for legislation.