ISLAMABAD (Online) - The increasing chilly weather in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has boosted the profits and business of dry fruits. It has been observed that the number of customers seeking dry fruits at shops at various markets is on the increase and vendors are also exploiting the opportunity by increasing the prices. In the winter season, most of the people presented dry fruits to their guests as hospitality and almond is the most favorite among the list and its demand is higher than other dry fruits. The poor people cannot afford most of dry fruits but peanuts are the most popular item among poor people due to their lower rates. The medical experts have warned the consumers to use under a limit as these winter items could increase the level of cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood. PR workers for salaries raise Railway Worker Union (RUW) demanded of the government to increase their salaries from January 2010 in accordance with the report of Pay and Pension Commission. Talking to this agency, Raja Yasir Aslam, President RWU said that the railway employees were facing financial crisis, as their salaries are meager to meet both the ends. He said the salaries and other incentives should be given to Railway employees according to the unprecedented price hike. Railway employees were deprived to get funds from Bhutto employees Stock Fund (BESF) he added. He suggested to the government to establish carriage factories in Rasal Pur to purchase the railway engine in order to make the department self established and to get rid of foreign companies. Government should establish the modern centre of cardiology, habitats in all Railway hospitals, he said. Yasir also asked the authorities remove corrupt officials and workers from the department so that Pakistan Railway could move towards development.