Shaheed Benazir Bhutto got the honour to be the first woman prime Minister of a Muslim country. She was young when she was popularly elected as the outstanding leader of the people of Pakistan and assumed the responsibilities as the Prime Minister. She proved her capabilities by leading the country and the people surprising the whole world with her political and diplomatic skills. In most part of the world, Pakistan was identified with her name as Prime Minister. In no time, she had developed her influence on the world scene bringing people and countries closer to Pakistan using the style of peoples diplomacy. Benazir Bhutto remained Prime Minister of Pakistan twice. She led the popular masses and won popular votes from all corners of Pakistan. Being a popular leader of the broad masses, she attracted large crowd on special occasions. When returned from forced exile for the first time in 1986, more than 1.8 million people gathered at the Lahore Airport to greet the most outstanding leader of the people of Pakistan. When she came to Karachi, more than two million people gathered at the Karachi Airport to greet Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. She was again forced to leave the country following unceremonious dismissal of her Government by former President Farooq Leghari on concocted charges. When she returned before the scheduled general elections during the military regime of General Pervez Musharraf, again, more than two million people gathered at the Karachi Airport to greet the greatest leader. In the course of controversy, the military regime of General Pervez Musharraf was afraid of the huge public gatherings and advised her to avoid holding mass public rallies, public meetings and demonstrations during the election campaign. She contemptuously rejected it as she considered the huge gathering as symbol of real political power of any party or leader and she would continue to lead such processions. For her defiance, the enemies of the people of Pakistan targeted her and made the first serious attempt on her life by exploding a huge car bomb when the huge procession reached close to Karsaz in Karachi. More that 180 innocent people, all PPP workers, were martyred and hundreds of others injured, score of them maimed. But such cowardly attacked did not deter the great leader to stop his close links with her people at any stage of history. She continued her political campaign in all parts of Pakistan. The second attack was planned when she was in Lahore. Finally, the assassins succeeded in Rawalpindi when she addressed the huge public meeting at Liaquat Bagh. Right from the very outset, PPP represented the broad masses of the people of Pakistan. It is a populist political party enjoying the support of people from all corners of Pakistan when it was formed in 1967. Earlier, elite political party of Pakistan Muslim League had enjoyed the monopoly over power and Government while other radical parties in terms of politics or religion, were tiny and small and never influenced the broad masses. The PPP, when formed, posed a direct challenge to the party of elites and feudals and became the serious contender for political power at the Centre unlike the small radical parties on political or religious fronts. That is why a strong segment of the Pakistani establishment had opposed it and worked against the PPP, day in and day out. Thus, the PPP gave birth to a strong opponent within the Pakistani establishment from day first. I call it anti-people clique that was involved in conspiracies to undermine peoples legitimate interests in all spheres of human activities. Since the PPP was very powerful and had very strong roots among the people, the anti-people clique could not stop the real march towards victory, regaining power at the centre in the first general elections held 1998. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto made great contribution in dislodging the military dictatorship from Pakistan restoring peoples rule or representative rule. She offered her precious life for the cause of people and for the cause of democratic rule. No one could have stopped her from meeting her people. She was precise in giving due recognition to each and every part worker in remote corners of Pakistan. No other leader enjoyed this quality-a sheer love and affection for her people. We, the followers, are missing her. However, we are following her footsteps in politics trying to render service to the broad masses. The PPP Government at the Centre and in the Provinces will complete her mission for prosperous and peaceful Pakistan uprooting backwardness and poverty, disease and illiteracy. It is continue to be the mission of PPP and its enlightened workers in all spheres of human activities. This is the best way to pay tribute to our great leader-Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. (The writer is Provincial Minister for Kachi Abadis and spatial development)