PESHAWAR (Agencies) - Militants on Sunday blew up the home of an official in Kurram Agency, killing him, his wife and four children as they slept, officials said. There was no claim of responsibility and it was unclear whether the Taliban, other extremists or radical elements were behind the attack on the edge of the Sunni-dominated Sadda town in the Shia-dominated Kurram district. According to political authorities, the house of Sarfraz Khan, an official of political administration of Khurram Agency, was bombed in the morning when he along with his wife and children was present in the house. As a result, the couple and four of their children died. Unknown miscreants planted dynamite around the house and exploded it between 2:00am and 3:00am and the house was destroyed, Abab Ali, an administration official in the main Kurram control room, told AFP by telephone. We dont know whether the Taliban, terrorists or Shias were responsible, he added. A local resident said the official and five children were killed as they slept in Mosu Zai village on the edge of Sadda more than 200 kilometres southwest of Peshawar. Three rooms of the house, where these people were sleeping, were totally destroyed. A girl was also injured, he told AFP on condition of anonymity. Police and security forces cordoned off the house and security has been beefed up, while forces have launched search operation in the agency.