SINDH Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza of the PPP just cannot be allowed to get away unpunished for having planned to either organise or participate in a street demonstration with the aim of demanding the dismemberment of the country. Whatever the provocation, involving oneself in any such planning or activity is simply treasonous under the Constitution and no one should be above the law. The matter is too serious to be brushed aside on the score of the argument that it is Dr Mirza's 'private and personal opinion' and that the PPP believes in the integrity and solidarity of Pakistan, as another party member, Federal Minister for Power Pervaiz Ashraf, trying to come to his rescue, has said. Dr Mirza is no ordinary citizen, though if he were so he would even then become liable to legal action, He is an important and influential member of the party, holding a ministerial position in the province of Sindh and that makes it all the more serious. The party high command must take note of this grievous and shameful lapse and proceed against him in a court of law. One could not imagine that the PPP leadership has not known the incident at Rato Dhero to which Dr Mirza has alluded. Soon after Benazir's assassination, he and some others had decided to take out a 'break-up Pakistan' rally, only to be deterred by Mr Zardari's declaration "we need Pakistan united" (Pakistan khhappey). Yet, despite the knowledge of the planning of the march, the PPP not only gave him its ticket to fight election but later also made him a member of the provincial cabinet. The PPP's silence about Dr Mirza's malicious intent for so long and inaction against him is quite intriguing. His blustering at this stage, possibly with the party's nod, could only be explained as an unbecoming use of the 'Sindh card'. The PPP should understand that Pakistan's fate is not tied to any particular party remaining in the saddle. These blackmailing tactics are unavailing and cannot help relieve the pressure it has come under as a result of the Supreme Court verdict on the NRO.. The only appropriate course left for its leadership is to honestly and sincerely commit itself to honouring the court pronouncement. Some of its leaders' hard-hitting utterances in the context of the verdict are shocking, to say the least, and tend to further dent its standing. Political wisdom demands total submission to the rule of law to strengthen the democratic system. Raising questions about the country's integrity in the current scenario, with both internal and external forces trying to destabilise it is, indeed, highly dangerous.