LAHORE Opposition leaders, while strongly criticising President Asif Zardaris public address in Naudero, have demanded that the President should let the nation know about those who, he believed, were conspiring against the government. They said hurling evasive threats could never serve any purpose. Syed Munawar Hasan, Ameer JI commenting on the public address of President Asif Zardari said on Sunday that Presidents address at Naudero was a charge sheet against the armed forces and a declaration of war against other institutions. The JI Chief said that the President should have openly named those plotting against the government, as the people sitting in the opposition were friendly and cooperating with the government. Instead of reacting to media criticism, the President should have published a report on his governments performance that failed to deliver good governance, he remarked. It is a pity that even on the second death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, her assassins are at large, he said and added that the masses were expecting the President to disclose the names of her killers, as he himself had stated that he knew them. Referring to the Presidents assurance that Pakistan would never have the fate like Iraq or Afghanistan, Munawar Hasan said that if President wanted to save Pakistan, he must have stood against hegemonic US polices and support the 'Go America Go campaign. Zafar Ali Shah, senior central leader of PML-N while expressing his views on Presidents public address said that it was full of threats and President instead of hurling vague threats should clearly name his enemies or enemies of the state. The PML-N leader said it was unclear that President was hurling threats on the provinces, people of Pakistan, armed forces, judiciary or the opposition parties and demanded that President should point out who were conspiring against the government. The President instead of addressing the nation as PPP Co-Chairman should address the masses as head of the state. He demanded that President should immediately clear his position whether he was representing a political party or the nation. There was no threat to the PPP government but the government was a big threat to itself, remarked PML-N leader. Raja Zafar-ul-Haq, another senior central leader of PML-N while giving his opinion on Presidents address said that the apprehensions of President should be taken seriously whether they were true or untrue. He said that Presidents fear regarding unseen forces plotting to derail the democratic system should be looked into. Umer Sarfaraz Cheema, PTI Central Secretary Information while commenting on the Presidents address remarked that Asif Zardari was deeply perturbed after the decision of Supreme Court on NRO and to defend his corruption has started hurling threats openly to people of Pakistan and all the institutions of the country. Cheema demanded that President should step down immediately, as the PPP government was pushing the country towards a complete anarchy. He said that people of Pakistan were expecting from the President that he would announce some major decisions to steer the country out of the existing crises but he instead of transferring the powers to Parliament which he was enjoying under 17th amendment, has hurled threats to unknown forces. The PTI leader also demanded that President should clearly identify those forces plotting to oust the Government instead of giving blurred statements.