LAHORE - Mujahid Squad claimed to have rounded up 171 accused involved in drug peddling, gambling, cars/bikes theft and other heinous crimes in connection with special campaign launched against hardened criminals during the last week in the Punjab Capital. The Squad has also recovered drugs, bottles of vine and sophisticated weapons from their possession including 27 pistols, 9 rifles and dozens of bullets. The arrested accused have been identified as Zaffar Ali, Saleem, Babar, Yousuf, Sultan, Maqsood, Asif, Usman, Kashif, Jameel, Awais, Arif, Mohammad Ali, Syyed Ali, Mohammad Saleem, Yasir, Yaqoob, Naseer, Abbas, Waheed, Allah Ditta, Muzamil, Khuram Tanveer, Chahat, Azeem, Sikander, Yosuf, Usman, Tariq Saifullah, Akhtar, Ghulam Farid, Shaokat, Shafaqat, Aslam, Yonus, Abdul Qayyum, Rashid, Tariq, Imran, Asif, Hafeez, Liaqat, Abdul Majeed, Ashraf, Tufail, Akram, Ashfaq, Tariq, Irfan, Imran and others. According to an official statement issued on Monday, 16 proclaimed offenders and 6 court absconders are also among the arrested accused. They have also confessed of their crimes committed in different areas. Further investigations are underway.