ISLAMABAD (APP) - Relevant rules and regulations were blatantly violated in Punjab for accommodating 'blue-eyed boys by doling out tractors under 'Green Tractor Scheme, causing a loss of Rs2 billion to the national kitty. According to the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) report on the accounts of the Punjab government for the year 2009-10, available with APP, the Agriculture Department initiated the project during financial year 2008-09 to provide tractors to the farming community on subsidised rates. Under the plan, approved by Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Rs2,000 million were sanctioned and released through supplementary grant in the year 2008-9 vide letter Nos SO (B&A) 9-2/2008 dated October 15, 2008 and February 21, 2009, to purchase 10,000 tractors. The chief minister approved the summary, including the eligibility and criteria for allotment of tractors, on November 11, 2008. However, the Punjab government in allotment of tractors conducted gross violations. Out of the 94 tractors allotted in District Lahore, 31 applications were not scrutinised at all as no meeting of the scrutiny committee was ever held to ascertain credentials of the applicants as per clauses I-IV and I-V defined in criteria instructions. No Objection Certificates (NOCs) were also not obtained from the Zarai Taraqiyati Bank Limited (ZTBL) in all the 94 cases. Moreover, in 63 cases, persons other than mentioned in the chief ministers summary (para No 85) were included. DDO(R) Lahore did not close the application register with his signature as per clause I-IV and I-V of the instructions. In 241 cases of District Multan, the allotment list was signed only by DCO instead of the committee designated vide para 85(b) of the CMs summary. In 21 cases, Tehsil Sharaqpur (District Sheikhupura) produced no record, which was also stated to have been lost - leaving a huge question mark on the performance and commitment of the government, suggesting that entire process was fabricated. In 8 cases, five tractors were allotted to bogus names at Multan and Gujranwala. In two cases, the criterion of land limit was ignored and in another case, the allottee had already been allotted a tractor. The requisite procedure was not adopted in 54 cases as per para 84 of the chief ministers summary, while in nine cases, no report of the scrutiny committee, no affidavit; no NOC from the bank was attached. In nine cases, no report of scrutiny committee had been attached while no bank NOC was available in the record. In another six cases, the DDO(R), also the chairman of committee, did not duly sign the scrutiny committee report. In another case, the allottee was already a defaulter and owed Rs40,000 to the bank, while in 24 cases, the owners lands were already pledged with the bank. In seven cases, affidavit and NOC from the bank were missing. In 44 cases, miscellaneous irregularities were committed. For instance, in one case, the applicants wife and son also applied for the tractor. The government accommodated all the three in gross violation of the criteria. In nine case affidavits were not signed, and four applicants did not sign even their applications. In 30 cases, the Girdawari (pertaining to the land record with the Revenue Department) proof was not attached while some applications were also seen missing.