This is with reference to private security agencies operating in every nook and corner of Pakistan. The prime function of these agencies is to provide security to the people who pay for the services. However, it has been noted that the guards hired by the agencies are without proper training and even security check. Resultantly, we have seen incidences where security guards were directly or indirectly involved in crimes. In that perspective, I have personally been affected by the security guards who were deployed at my vacant house and who committed theft and stole valuables. Recently, a security guard working for ZIMS threatened to kill me because he was told not to be nosy and mend his intimidating and uncomfortable looks. However, despite my various complaints and reservations about the guard, the agency didnt pay any heed and continued the posting of the same guard at the premises. Is there any code of conduct under which these private security companies are working or is it another way of looting the security deprived public in the name of so called safety? M. AKBAR KHAN, Karachi