Zaheer Bhatti My gut feeling that 911 was a Zionist staged drama, like many global analysts, had sprung from the manner in which the supposedly hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers in Manhattan, and the other one rammed into the impregnable Pentagon building with consummate ease and complete impunity. Nine years later, the US has been made to play the sucker as if by remote control by the Zionist lobby, destabilising a whole region without ever going into the abject failure of its security apparatus, if indeed it were an embarrassing security lapse and not the centurys greatest conspiracy. Even to a layman with average common sense, the inability of the Homeland Security to affect an air force scramble after the first strike, and the manner in which the Twin Towers came down vertically, in the same manner as the Oklahoma high-rise demolition, tells the actual story. With this and many other cogent theories pointing to a pre-planned escapade, neither the 9/11 Commission report, nor any explanation to the world by the US till this day, has been considered necessary. Why? Osama Bin Laden, earlier touted as the hero of the oppressed in the Islamic world and a resistance leader, betrayed his moorings soon, as he failed to pre-empt or frustrate the US/NATO excuses to strike at Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That Cheney and Rumsfeld soon after Bush Jrs return to office, had declared Osama dead in the Tora Bora assault during the early Afghan campaign is another story, since he is brought back whenever need be with a video or audio released invariably through Al-Jazeera, to warrant the warming of another theatre of American choice. Al-Jazeera, is a TV channel predominantly owned by Indians, and Rupert Murdoch long known to be in the Indian camp with his commercial stakes, explains the reason and viability of these releases through that channel alone. Looking at this and several other evidences, I had earlier stated that from now on, Osama will be where the American government wants him to be. The allegations without any evidence whatsoever, that Osama is hiding in Pakistan, and of the existence of an Al-Qaeda or a Taliban Shoorah in Balochistan, are no coincidences and point in the same direction. Taliban is a movement in Afghanistan, which has been deliberately confused by the western camp in league with the Zionists and Indians, and sought to be aligned with the so-called Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in order to water down the effect of the real resistance in Afghanistan. Let it be clear that Taliban means seekers of Gods mercies and direction that is ascribed to the populist Islamic movement led by Mullah Omar in Afghanistan, which during its rule had created a weapons-free Afghanistan and brought poppy cultivation virtually to zero. This is what the Taliban in Afghanistan symbolised; a role model for resurgent Islamic values which, besides security and dignity, held women in the highest esteem. Threatened by the upsurge, the sublime image of Islam is what some lobbies in the West have consciously set out to destroy, and fashion their own version of Liberal Secular Islam, besides pursuing the agenda of usurping riches of the region by inventing ridiculous excuses to wage wars in otherwise peaceful countries. In this process, the allied nations risk the economies and security of their own citizens, as billions of the tax-payers money is poured into these fruitless war theatres. The US and its allies have succeeded in reviving poppy cultivation sharing the bounty with the warlords in Afghanistan and brandishing of weapons, but have found themselves unable to break the Taliban resolve of zero tolerance for the invaders of their homeland. No wonder, nine years down the line, the invaders are seeking a safe exit. The British and the Russians having met their Waterloo, it now appears to be the turn of the Zionists and their collaborators to meet the same fate; unfortunate though that before quitting, the Americans, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, would like to leave behind a proxy mercenary outfit and puppet rulers also in Pakistan, to keep these countries in disarray, economically weak, and pitched against themselves. One of their strategies aimed at blunting the Taliban sway in Afghanistan, is tailing Taliban negotiators after talks through satellite and gunning them down later. But the Taliban are reported to have outsmarted them by sending decoys as negotiators, only to seek out their mindset. They have made it clear on more than one occasion that there is nothing to negotiate, except to make them quit the unwarranted aggression against their homeland, and at best offer them a safe passage for face-saving in return. TTP has nothing to do with the Afghan Jihad or for that matter any genuine resistance in Pakistan. If anything, it is a terrorist organisation launched by the State Department and used by CIA to carry out terrorist attacks throughout Pakistan. But the Pakistani government and a section of the civil society continue to readily play ball and deliberately confuse the outfit with the Taliban in Afghanistan, saying that it was born out of banned religious outfits in the country, who were trying to force their own brand of the religion. Such elements in the Pakistani society, even if true were only a miniscule of the entire spectrum. There indeed is contemptuous aversion in Pakistan to the invasion of Afghanistan and its governments mercenary role in the unholy war. On the other hand, if TTP were a genuine resistance as in Afghanistan, it ought to have distanced itself from the butchery of innocent Pakistani citizens, attack on religious places, and the countrys security forces. But going by how the Pakistani authorities have played into enemy hands failing to make distinction, while branding the spate of terrorism in Pakistan as patent to the Taliban, it is most unfortunate as it makes their oft-made assertion of foreign/Indian involvement, look meaningless. The Pakistani government also, blissfully continues to deny the existence of any private security agencies in Pakistan of which, the first evidences and concerns were voiced over a year ago, and corroborated by dozens of stories ever since. Ms Clinton herself during a meeting with Pakistani anchorpersons last year, had confirmed private security agencies working for the security of US personnel in Pakistan, while our characterless political divide has been vividly exposed by the infamous, yet lethal WikiLeaks. Blackwater covert activities were authorised during the Musharraf era, as was the formation of TTP by the US, as revealed by Van Madison, an American journalist, in a recent report. The noted journalist is under threat from the FBI and CIA, ever since this revelation. The writer is a freelance columnist.