ISLAMABAD Capital Development Authoritys (CDAs) Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) will submit its written statement and record, on Tuesday (today) sought by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) investigating a scam that had caused loss of Rs 14 million to CDA. DMA officials in connivance with the employees of commercial banks and contractors had transferred pay orders worth Rs 14million for DMA to their personal accounts. Earlier, NAB authorities had sought information/record pertaining to the auction contracts of flying coach stand in G-9 Markaz, truck stand/bus stand and car parking in Flower and Vegetable Market I/11-4, car parking site at Fatima Jinnah Park F-9, Suzuki/taxi stands at Peshawar Mor G/9-4, car parking at Shakarpariyan and Cattle Mandi I/11-4 under Section 19 of NAO prior to December 31. With regard to these auction contracts, NAB investigators had directed the DMA to submit certified copies of auction notices published in newspapers, terms and conditions, reports regarding possession and vacation of site and licenses issued to lessees along with statement of payments made by contractor on account of earnest money, security and license fee which were deposited in CDA accounts. While, the Directorate of Municipal Administration besides submission of said record demanded by NAB would also submit Auhoritys written statement regarding the advancements the directorate had made so far. Statement available with The Nation states for the purpose of preliminary inquiry a committee was constituted, which was headed by Deputy Director DMA on the same day wherein embezzlement was established in other (above mentioned) contracts also.