LABORE - In a major development to improve the transparency and the fairness of the process of dealing with the investors complaints, the Board of Lahore Stock Exchange has decided that all proceedings of the Arbitration Committee of the Exchange would henceforth be chaired by the Chief Regulatory Officer (CRO) of the Exchange instead of any broker member of the Exchange. Furthermore, the LSE has also decided that the majority of the members on the Arbitration Committee would comprise the management personnel instead of the brokers. Both of these landmark decisions by the LSE are expected to greatly boost the confidence of the investors in the process of dispute resolution system mechanism of the Exchange. According to a Press release, the LSE Board of Directors has taken this step to ensure that all complaints of the investors are handled with a sense of impartiality and investors tights/interests are protected while dealing with the matters of merit related to the complaints of the investors against the conduct of the brokers. LSE has forwarded its the recommendations of the Board to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) for its approval as requited under the law. The changes would become effective as soon as the SECP gives its consent to the changes proposed by LSE.