The latest and perhaps the most troublesome crisis faced by the Pakistani nation these days is the shortage in supply of electricity. The country is facing a huge electric power crisis these days. Though it has been more than a year since the country has been facing this crisis, but till now no proper solution has been made to solve this problem. Unfortunately, no proper planning has been made. The situation is getting worse day by day. Although only 46% of the population of the country has the facility of electricity but still the government is unable to manage the steady power to them. Poor planning, recent climatic changes, oil prices and politics are primarily responsible for todays severe crisis. The economy has been badly affected by the crisis with loss of huge capital and degrading health. The solution to the current crisis lies in the energy such as wind turbine and solar power which can be utilized to immediately reduce the demand and supply gap. This situation has pushed people of Pakistan to bear the burden of 8 to 16 hours of loadshedding which only seems to be increasing with the passge of time. The household sector been the largest consumer of electricity accounting for 44.2 per cent of total electricity consumption. And the pity is that the crisis has literally paralyzed this sector, not to mention the disastrous effects for the industry. The short term solution to the crises would be the wind turbines as this process is faster than many others. Pakistan is estimated to have the worlds third largest known coal reserves in the south eastern part of the country i.e. THAR. Exploiting these reserves is the answer to the long term solution of power crisis in Pakistan. The electricity production from coal is also cheaper than thermal generation. Development of coal mining and new gas fields should be the top priority. WASHAL SHAH KHAN, Karachi