LAHORE National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Punjab has summoned sixteen peoples including former attorney general of Pakistan Malik Muhammad Qayyum, former inspector general of Punjab Azhar Hasan Nadeem, uncle of former LHC judge Sheikh Rasheed, Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan and his sons Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan, Senator Ammar Ahmed Khan, former minister Iqbal Tikka and his relative DSP Mukhtar Tikka over their alleged involvement in a scam of Qasar-e-Zauk's 12 kanal land. It is worth mentioning that a three-member bench of the Supreme Court, on Thursday, directed Director General NAB Rana Zahid to take to task the responsible of the land scam. Sheikh Ayub submitted that a plea-bargain of Rs 600 million took place between him and the investors in the presence of Malik Qayyum, the then attorney general of Pakistan, senators and the former IG who were also the investors in the property. Ayub said Malik Qayyum invested Rs 30 million, which he returned to him but with their malafide intentions they managed to make a NAB reference against him. He further said a retired brigadier, an ally of these 'big guns', had taken possession of his house at Niculson Road, Lahore. He further added the property was worth Rs 1.2 billion but Malik Qayyum and others sold it in Rs 600 million. On the direction of Supreme Court NAB had summoned sixteen people for December 30, 2010.