LAHOREA Constitutional petition has been moved before the Lahore High Court, to question the alleged uninformed four-day absence of Punjab Governor from December 5 to December 8 that was much criticised by the PML(N) and still simmers as an unresolved controversy. The petition has been moved by a local advocate Moshab A Khan, praying the court for declaring absence of the Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer without intimation to the relevant quarters, unconstitutional and illegal and that an action for his removal can be initiated by the President for this alleged violation. The petitioner inter alia, contends that Personal Secretary to the Governor was duty bound to intimate the concerned quarters about the absence of the Governor and his visit abroad so, the Personal Secretary may be called to seek his clarification in this respect. 'Not that but DG Immigration and Passport may also be asked to produce exit and entry record pertaining to Governors leaving on the said days, allegedly mysteriously and without notice of the authorities concerned, he added. Relying on media reports, the petitioner argues that the Punjab Governor flew to Karachi and from there to Colombo, Sri Lanka where from he returned on December 8 leaving his Constitutional post vacant and allegedly committing violation of Article 104 of the Constitution which provided for appointing the Speaker to officiate him so the Constitutional machinery in respect to his office continues in motion. He contends it is obligatory on the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister to inform the PM about the whole situation so that latter could advise the President to take action against the Governor for violating the Constitution.