LAHORE Jamaat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan says Benazir Bhuttos assassins will not be arrested as long as PPP is in power. He said this while addressing a workshop for labour leaders and peasants at Mansoora on Monday. Former JI chief Qazi Husain Ahmed, Secretary General Liaquat Baloch, deputy chief Sirajul Haq besides Kisan Board president Sardar Zafar Husain, National Labour Federation chief Rafiq Ahmed Khan, and JI central leader Hafiz Muhammad Idrees also spoke on the occasion. Syed Munawar Hasan challenged the PPPs claim of eliminating Ziaul Haqs remnants saying 70 per cent of the present parliamentarians including 50 per cent of the PPP assembly members were Zias remnants adding even Prime Minister Gilani and Foreign Minister Qureshi were Zias close associates. He further said Zardari and Nawaz Sharif were protecting each other. The JI chief said the whole nation would have to join the struggle for a system change in the country, adding such a change could not be achieved with the efforts of one or two sections of the society. The peasants and the workers would have to come forward so that the industrial wheel could remain operative and the farmers get uninterrupted supply of electricity, agricultural inputs and water. He said the suspension of gas and electricity supply had badly damaged the businesses. Munawar said agriculture and industry were backbone of the countrys economy but the rulers had deliberately ruined both. The farmers were facing shortage of irrigation water as well as fertilizer while the factories were being closed due to shortage of electricity and gas. Blaming the coalition government for the present unrest, lawlessness, price spiral and unemployment, the JI chief said social justice could be ensured only after undoing the influential classs monopoly on the resources. He said instead of utilising the countrys resources, foreign loans were being acquired to run the country in an ad hoc manner. He said if the vast gold, bronze and coal resources hidden in Balochistan were explored, the country would be self sufficient in energy needs for next five hundred years. He said the US was facing a defeat in Afghanistan like Britain and the Soviet Union while the Americas New World Order was a failure all over the world. Qazi Husain Ahmed pointed out that the masses were being burdened with new taxes while the feudal lords and capitalists were being given concessions. Liaquat Baloch said corruption by the rulers was increasing the problems of people. Therefore, the country needed a grand revolution and a change of system, he concluded.