ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - Former Pakistan batsman and Pakistan Cricket Board's Game Development Director Aamer Sohail has slammed former teammate Rameez Raja saying that domestic cricket in the country is based on quantity over quality. "I don't know how Rameez Raja has the audacity to come on television and state that Pakistan cricket doesn't have quality, but it has quantity," quoted Sohail, as saying. "Former cricketers like Rameez have ruined Pakistan cricket, because when the likes of Rameez were introducing the current format of domestic cricket, they should have thought about introducing teams like Quetta to the first class structure and why they gave Quetta first class status and why they didn't give other more deserving regional teams that status, if they were keen on increasing the number of first class teams." "Rameez and others should think about what they have done in the past and what they have contributed, before making such statements on television," he added.