This has reference to Mohammad Khan Sials letter appearing in Nation on Dec 15th. The author has unnecessarily tried to implicate Punjab in Thar Coal Project. No doubt provinces should get their due share of revenue -royalty, development surcharge etc - however such large projects should be conceived as national projects. Historically, Saindak copper/gold project which is similar to Reko Diq project could not achieve its full potential because Balochistan govt. was adamant to develop the downstream industry of copper smelting, phosphatic fertilizer and iron at Saindak. This area being remote, no downstream industry was economically feasible due to lack of infrastructure, water, technical expertise, manpower and transportation cost of raw material for phosphatic fertilizer plant etc. I therefore request the Chief Minister of Balochistan not to repeat the same mistake and be pragmatic. If ECNEC has taken the decision to hand over the project to Balochistan government in national interest, the same spirit should be reciprocated and Reko Diq project should be developed as a national project. If downstream industry is economically viable to be located in Sindh or Punjab then it should be suitably developed as a joint ventures between all the stake holders and private sector. Otherwise the whole project may hit snags due to poor economic viability. Balochistan should get its due share of royalty from the mining operations which obviously would be established at Reko Diq. BASIR ISRAR KHAN, Lahore