LAHORE - Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department's publicity section has failed to educate the wildlife lovers about wildlife campaigns and information through advertisements in electronic and print media during fiscal year 2010-11 due to severe shortage of funds. Sources privy to DGPR disclosed that no satisfactory advertisement were issued to electronic and print media during the fiscal year 2010-11 by the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department as its publicity section had been facing acute shortage of funds. Whereas insiders of Punjab Wildlife Department also revealed that the publicity section of the department was in dire need of funds for educating people through advertisements in electronic and print media. They also disclosed that a letter from publicity section was dispatched to the authority concerned for the approval of 1.5 million but it stood unapproved which affected the publicity of wildlife during year of 2010-11. When contacted the head of Punjab Wildlife Department to know about the financial problems, being faced by the section, he did not attend the phone.