DERA GHAZI KHAN - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that the tribes of the political nomads are getting to gather at a platform in order to get access to the corridors of power and their public gatherings start with dances and the musical strings which is unIslamic as well as unethical.

Addressing a gather of Istehkam-e-Pakistan road caravan at Library Ground here the other day, Maulana Fazl pointed out that due to ill-conceived and imprudent policies, the country suffered a financial loss of over 80 billion dollar besides sacrificing more than 35,000 lives including that of soldiers in the so-called war on terror, adding that such type of characterless leaders, stricken with the western orientation and culture should feel ashamed for their ‘change.’

The JUI-F chief said that the Foreign Ministry had no record of the agreements with America on war against terror as well as four points formula with India over Kashmir issue. He demanded that the national ‘offenders’ who remained involved in verbal agreement should be brought to the court of the public for their accountability of their misdeeds which had pushed the country to the verge of collapse.

Maulana Fazl argued that movements could never be like tsunamis rather like sea waves which converted into tides and finally reach the beach.

The veteran politician recalled that they had fought against the heirs of the British in Balochistan and KPK and helped the poor people get their due rights while the resistance against the capitalism had also been entered its final phase at the global level. He said that Russia faced defeat against Afghanistan some two decades ago and that was why the masses of those countries where communism existed had also rejected the communism.

While on the other hand, the US is also facing defeat in Afghanistan and due to which over 20 countries have launched rebellion against the capitalism with the people demanding Islamic banking and the economics. He maintained that he never compromised on ideology while in power or struggling to come into power over the past five decades, adding that now his party was striving to come to the helm of affairs to materialise the ideology of Pakistan which was Islam. Maulana Fazl said that it his party that raised voices in the parliament against the coalition with US in the war against terror and ultimately the Parliament had to decide that the policy of Musharraf was not correct in this regard.

The JUI-F chief said that western culture was being imposed and the NGOs were working to reshape our culture in the name of sympathies, adding that public gatherings were being held in the name of public issues seemed to be representing the western culture. He warned the nation would not accept the elements who were promoting the western culture. The JUI-F chief said that they want to end the role of seminaries in this war of culture which was not eliminated by the British but the role of seminary and the mosque would remain alive. He said that they support the demands for the establishment of Saraiki and Hazara provinces while would launch the movement against the feudal in the Saraiki belt.