Imran and Musharraf are both promising to ameliorate the lot of the common man if returned to power. Both seem to have honest intentions in this regard. Both also seem to have some following though Imran's tsunami is gaining momentum day by day. This trend must be giving many a sleepless night to the major political parties' leaders who would be devising all kinds of strategies - fair and foul - to combat the situation. Unfortunately, they are capable of doing so through their genuine as well as captive and coerced voters. If the PTI and Musharraf's APML also field their individual candidates contesting against each other in a same constituency it would split their votes to the advantage of the other political party(ies). The PTI and the APML are also not likely to get some clear or coalitional majority by going for some mutual seat adjustments either as again it will divide the number of seats that each party will get.

Since right now Imran looks to be in a better position, I would suggest that Musharraf step down and not take part in the elections - not as a measure of boycotting them - but by announcing its support for the PTI that has the same aims and objectives as those of the APML. The aim is to better the lot of people and not to be in power. This noble aim can also be served by remaining out of the power. The APML workers and voters should, therefore, be asked to work and vote for the PTI to ensure its success with a solid majority. It will thus achieve Musharraf's aim of good governance also and at the same time the country would get rid of the professional thieves and plunderers. That's the only way to get a government that would improve the wretched lot of the common man.


Karachi, December 27.