ISLAMABAD (APP) - Journalist Panel has once again clinched annual elections of National Press Club (NPC) by defeating Muttahida Panel and scored double hat-trick.

It was a clean sweep by the winner “Journalist Panel” as it won all 24 seats.

The candidates of Journalist Panel and Muttahida Panel were contesting the NPC elections for offices of President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer, Joint Secretaries and members Governing body.

The results announced by Election Committee Chairman Nasir Zaidi reveal that Farooq Faisal Khan, candidate of Journalist Panel has been elected as President NPC by securing 590 votes, while his rival candidate Kamal Azfar got 274 votes. Arif Anjum, an independent candidate for the post got only 96 votes.

The candidates of Journalist Panel for the posts of Vice President Asim Rana, Amir Sajjad and Syed Ejaz Ahmed Shah secured 622, 483 and 446 votes respectively.

While their rivals, Aslam Butt, Sanaullah and Zarghoon Shah managed to get 341, 307 and 211 in the sequence. 

Saharyar Khan and Afzal Javed, candidates of Journalist Panel have been elected as Secretary General and Treasure by getting 591 and 586 votes, respectively.

Baqir Sajjad, the candidate of Muttahida Panel for the Post of Secretary General and Ikram Bukhari for office of Treasure got only 275 and 285 votes correspondingly. Farrukh Nawaz, a third candidate for the slot Secretary General bagged just 26 votes.

The Journalist Panel’s Atta Rajarr, Sagheer Chaudhry and Nasir Mehmood bagged 591, 570 and 458 votes respectively for the posts of Joint Secretary. Their opponents Zahid Abbasi and Gulzar Saqi of the Muttahida Panel got 335 and 298 votes.

All the candidates fielded by the Journalist Panel for members of the Governing Body were also elected with a clear margin.  They include Abdul Rashid Khan, Anwar Raza, Asghar Chaudhry, Asim Yaseen, Azhar Abdi, Bashir Usmani, Farhat Abbas Turabi, Javed Qureshi, Mubarak Zeb Khan, M. Rizwan Khan, Shahid Mehmood Malik, Shehnaz Tatari, Shamim Anwar Khan, Syed Abrar Kanwal and Yasir Malik. Around 74 candidates had filed their nomination papers to contest the NPC Elections against different positions. 

The polling was conducted on December 26 (Monday).