LAHORE – The residents of provincial capital continued to suffer a lot due to low gas pressure since the arrival of winter season while the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Managing Director Arif Hameed claimed that the above said problem would be solved within two days.

All the CNG stations of the Lahore region are observing three-day gas holidays, (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and there should have been enough gas to meet the needs of domestic consumers.

The SNGPL has been facing above 900 million cubic feet (MMCFD) shortfall. “To bridge the persisting gap, it is in practice of curtailing gas supply to CNG stations and industrial sector across the province on rotational basis”, said another Company’s official. However, according to him, the SNGPL was unable to meet the day by day increasing demand of the consumers. Not only Lahore, but also the residents of the other cities including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Jehlum, Sheikhupura, Gujranwala, Wazirabad etc were also facing the same issue.

On Tuesday, the City areas especially Gulberg, Mozang, Allama Iqbal Town, Garhi Shaho, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Johar Town, Green Town and others faced severe low gas pressure. The low-pressure forced the people to bring breakfast from `tandoors`, bakeries and hotels. The residents also started using LPG to cook meals while some were compelled to use firewood as fuel for cooking. The owners of tandoors and hotels were also complaining about the low pressure.

“In our locality, we have been facing low gas pressure, making it difficult for us to perform routine work in time and sometime we send children to schools without breakfast”, said a resident of Canal View.

 The domestic sector should have been given priority in term of smooth gas supply, the residents demanded of the government. Despite the fact the government was well-aware about the problems of the gas pressure in winter, it made no concrete policy to solve the problems, they said. The citizens urged the government and authorities concerned to take solid steps and find an immediate solution to the problem.

SNGPL Chief Arif Hameed while talking to this scribe said that the problem of the low pressure for domestic sector would be solved within two-days.

“We are curtailing the gas for general industry other than textile industry and hopefully the problems facing the domestic sector will be solved in two days,” said the head of Company. He said: “SNGPL is getting 1,907MMCFD and its output is 1,958MMCFD.” Mr Hameed said about the Company’s efforts being made to check the gas theft.

He said the ratio of the theft had been decreased since he had held the charge of the SNGPL Managing Director. According to him, the Gas Theft Law after the Presidents’ notification would become active and it would fully help to control the theft which was also one amongst the major reasons behind the persisting crisis of gas shortages.