MULTAN - In order to prevent agricultural areas and orchards from complete extinction because of urbanization and checking environmental degradation, the Multan Development Authority (MDA) has asked NESPAK to evolve a 20-year master plan for the town.

This was disclosed by MDA DG Mumtaz Qureshi here on Tuesday. The NESPAK experts briefed him on city boundary, urban planning and traffic and transportation system on this occasion. Mr Qureshi drew the attention of NESPAK towards rapid increase in urban population and asked them to quickly evolve the master plan. He disclosed on this occasion that land was being acquired to shift timber market, iron market, ghalla mandi and truck stands out of city area on direction of the chief minister. He hoped that the traffic problems would be eliminated with the shifting of these business areas.

Earlier, briefing the participants of the briefing, the NESPAK representative disclosed that Multan district was consisted of 3720 square km out of which 362 square km was under MDA control. He further revealed that 46 percent of total population was the district was living on just 10 percent area of total land while burden was increasing in north side of the city because of facilities available there. He said that the NESPAK had suggested to the government to expand the boundary area of Multan up to 529 square kilometre.

Later on, the participants of the meeting thoroughly discussed the proposals for establishment of different zones in Multan during next 20 years.