LAHORE – The Central Shoora of the Jamaat-e-Islami has said that the memo scandal was not only a plot against the Armed forces but also high treason against the country, the nation and national security.

It has called upon the Supreme Court to conduct a thorough and independent probe into the whole issue on top priority so that the elements behind it were exposed. A resolution adopted by the central advisory body at its meeting held at Mansoora with the JI chief Syed Munawar Hasan in the chair, also exhorted the religious and political parties to join hands for restoring the country’s independence and sovereignty, for ensuring real peace and law and order, and to improve the economic conditions of the country. It also questioned the wisdom of Prime Minister Gilani’s remarks in the National Assembly with reference to the Abbotabad incident. It said, the Premier’s remarks that “ those questioning us about the memo should explain who had provided visa to Osama bin Laden” was a violation of his oath and an attempt to be an approver against the institutions. It felt that the continuous confrontation and threats of the PPP and is allies with the judiciary and the Armed forces could lead to a clash as the party was once a gain trying to become a political martyr. It said the situation called for free elections under an autonomous Election Commission to enable the masses to elect a new government.

It reiterated that any extra constitutional measure would not be acceptable as the Constitution provided the solution to any situation.

Terming the present government the most failed regime in the history, the resolution said that the government which came into power after securing exoneration of its past financial and political crimes through the NRO had been blindly following Pervez Musharraf’s foreign and internal policies.

The economy was totally ruined in the US so called war on terror in which the independence and sovereignty of the country was put at stake. The government’s attitude with regard to India too was contrary to national interests and the official move to give her MFN status was tantamount to stabbing the Kashmiris in the back. It said that relations with India could not improve without resolving the Kashmir and water issues.

The resolution said that the Zardari/ Gilani government could not give a solid economic policy and the country was under foreign and internal debt over 1000 billion and she had to pay interest amounting to Rs 900 billion including $7 billion in foreign exchange.

In the Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences Prof Malik Hussain Mubbashar said on Tuesday that the university was all set to establish a state-of-the-art Institute of Research Excellence with the support of Punjab government in a bid to revolutionise basic medical sciences’ research.

Speaking at a seminar on “Cancer Stem Cells” organised by UHS on Tuesday, he said that the university was developing a cohort of young scientists which would be trained at top ranking universities of the world.

Prof Mubbashar said that recently University of Liverpool, UK, under an agreement with UHS, had agreed to offer 10 PhD scholarships to Pakistani students in the fields of cancers, obesity, genetics, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, biomedical engineering and neuro-sciences. He said that the institute would be established at Kala Shah Kaku campus of the university for which Punjab government would provide funds.