LAHORE - The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has said that the focus of the federal budget, instead of social security of the public, continues to be national security and repayment of debts.

“Human security means focus on human life and dignity, not acquisition of military hardware. If children continue to die instead of going to school for a meaningful education, disease is not prevented, unemployment is widespread, food insecurity and poverty become chronic, ethnic and sectarian violence is rampant and any dissent from the exclusive ideology of the state is not tolerated, there is no human security,” HRCP Secretary General IA Rehman.

Addressing a press conference here at a local hotel Mr Rehman said that budgetary allocations tell us in concrete terms whether the state is taking a limited view of its affairs in terms of national security or a broader view in terms of human security. Analysing the federal and provincial budgets for 2011-12, he said despite implementing a number of donor-funded projects, gender-dis-aggregation of the budgets remains a distant dream. It is difficult to separate the allocations for women, children, the disadvantaged and the marginalized, he added. “The federal budget 2011-12 earmarks Rs495.2b for defence. This official definition only includes the demands for grants for Defence Division and Defence Services. The true extent of defence expenditure requires a number of adjustments,” he said.