On 22 December 2011, on a TV channel some speakers like Zafar Jhagra, Fauzia Wahab, Hamid Mir and anchorperson Munezey were busy in discussing the weight of parliament versus the common man. Fauzia’s articulation was that parliament is supreme, the government has majority of votes and the parliamentarians are their representatives who have been returned to the Parliament House for a mandate of five years. Therefore, the presently working government is in majority and that nobody can remove it under the law of necessity. Mr. Jhagra’s point was that his party’s version is that it will stay with the government as long as it does not act against the democratic principle. Fauzia, faithful to her political bosses, taking plea of Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s version, insisted to complete democratic mandate of five years, come what may! She insisted that as Nawaz Sharif has spoken that he will not act against PPP course because the parliament is with them. She forgot that the “Democracy is the government by the people, of the people and for the people”. Important portion of democracy is “for the people” or for the welfare of the people. If the government has been formed correctly on democratic infrastructure, but selects wrong team which does not deliver good governance and puts common man under misery, purposely or by default, it has no right to carry on punishing the innocent people till the last bell of the termination of the term. For the present term, it is the fourth years of the continued torture and agony for the oppressed people. The ruling junta will not be willing to terminate its joy-ride. It is high time that other political parties came out to give comforts and justice to nation for their life living necessities or make immediate changes to inject proficiency in the present weak civilian leadership as pronounced by the “Foreign Policy” magazine. Our state has been placed as failed state category at the 12th rank at the bottom.


Rawalpindi, December 26.