On the fourth death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, President Zardari’s statement that the judiciary should sentence her killers is only proof of his government’s own inaction. It is not the Supreme Court’s duty to arrest the killers, it can only sentence the accused after a trial. The courts award punishment but it is necessary for the government to first catch the culprits. It is incomprehensible why the PPP-led government is dithering in revealing the killers of Benazir Bhutto. Mr Zardari has promised on numerous occasions that the killers will be exposed at the right time, but one wonders when that time will come. Besides, the PPP as the party in power, has the official machinery at its disposal to unravel the mystery and make arrests. It is the government’s constitutional and moral duty to arrest the criminals. Being the spouse of former Prime Benazir Bhutto, it is naturally Mr Zardari’s foremost wish and desire to see to it that the killers, as well as the planners of the murder, are thrown behind bars. Yet that has not yet happened, to the disappointment of millions of followers of the former PM, as well as the general public. It is a pity that he is heaping the blame on the Supreme Court of Pakistan even though the government has, for the past many years, been defying its passed orders. How could the Supreme Court work in the face of government’s defiance? Even cases like the corruption cases into NICL and Haj scam were not allowed to proceed smoothly only because of the government’s rigid attitude. It is pointless to sling mud on the country’s apex court for the sake of entertaining the crowd at Naudero.

The conduct of the government with respect to memogate proceedings in the apex court is far from satisfactory. The impression received is that the government has been trying to institute delays in the proceedings at the Supreme Court. The President's refusal to submit his reply is one such tactic. If the government does indeed trust the Supreme Court, it should leave the case on to its judgement and not make itself more suspicious through its hostile posturing. Instead of blaming the Supreme Court, the PPP setup must go after the killers and bring them in the dock, lest the people should think it is itself delaying the proceedings.