The ruthless killing of innocent volunteers, administering polio drops, has created sorrow and pain for every Pakistani. These innocent people have been targeted by illiterate and biased killers, who believe in rumors. How can anyone justify taking a life on the excuse of a rumor, and such a frivolous rumor that these polio drops will produce infertility? These holy war mongers have put the lives of millions of Pakistani children at risk. The campaign was terminated on Wednesday by UNICEF due to more than 8 killings in different parts of the country. Let’s not forget that the obscurantist have kidnapped and murdered an NGO worker in the past also to finish the immunization campaign.

What baffles me is that the government accepts billions of dollars in aid for polio drive, but does not provide transport or protection to these poor workers, one may ask why? The other relevant question that I would like to ask is who hired a fourteen year old girl as a volunteer worker? Are there no laws in Pakistan? Is this a jungle state?

It is high time that our religious clerics came forward in the tribal areas and issued edicts that Polio vaccination is in consonance with the teachings of Islam. For the government should be reserved the most scathing censure by the civil society as it has miserably failed to provide security to the polio staff. It tugs at my heartstrings to think that countless children may be paralyzed if the campaign is not restarted soon.


Wah Cantt, December 21.