Corruption! A very familiar word to every Pakistani right from their childhood, but what is it exactly? When does it happens, why it happens and how it happens is what majority of us would like to know. Webster’s defines the word as ‘the act of impairing integrity, virtue or moral principle’ but my opinion regarding this crucial and complicated matter is deeper than mere explanation in three words. To me it’s ‘an act of manipulating things around for personal gain for a certain period of time. But seen in a broader perspective, at the end of the day the subjects involved in initiating this act end up losing their dignity.’

All human being are susceptible to ‘dissatisfaction and greed’ as an integral trait of their personality. Agreeing to the mentioned facts and considering the present scenario of the prevailing situation in our country and placing yourself in the shoes of a parent with a large family to feed, clothe and educate it would be quite natural that you might want to do anything to make ends meet, this gives birth to corruption.

Other countries have logistics in place which calculate the reality of salaries which are comfortable for different class and education. These salaries ensure that people do not stray from honesty. In Pakistan, we have no fixed salary for the middle class or the section that comes in clerical class, therefore providing them an excuse to ask for bribes. We the people and the government have deliberately created this vacuum to give birth to the culture of corruption. Added to that is our society showing off. Better house, more cars and more wealth, with no questions asked or accountability. We have forgotten the essence of living with dignity and honor, and overcoming our personal interests and earning as dictated by Allah.

Corruption although can be classified into a thousands of categories depending on how good people manipulate things, however the basic and most common type is ‘bribe taking’ which has far reaching implications towards the destruction of a system. Any system would be declared as a complete failure once corruption starts appearing. It really hurts when I see a thousand of black sheep in every department asking for bribes for giving a job and the cycle goes on. This is a not a social stigma any longer but an accepted norm with which we live every day.


Lahore, December 24.