That the relationship between the Governor House and the provincial setup has been inevitably brittle has been seen during the last two governorships. However, even though just three days after he took office, the incumbent Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood reiterated the call for more provinces, it must not be seen as a combativeness for the sake of hostility. His specific reference to the resolutions, warning that a failure to implement them would make Lahore richer, are only natural given that he himself hails from Rahim Yar Khan, which has benefited from the largesse that a large city like Lahore has received from the provincial budget.

The PPP as a party influenced by the appetite for votes in South Punjab, will certainly be in support of the governors’ stance and could well become the catalyst for regional demands that might end up redrawing the whole map of the country.  The failure to introduce national integration in order to block such parochial demands will have dangerous implications for the parties as well. If there is any rational basis for helping out the downtrodden Seraikis or people from other less developed areas, it is in giving them a greater share from the divisible pool. Fairness not just between provinces, but between different areas of each province, are essential in order to promote a feeling of equality and avoid grievances between different areas, in a country already rent asunder by clashes of every variety imaginable.