KARACHI - Following the inability expressed by the parliamentary committee, Sindh government has advised the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to approach the Supreme Court with a plea to delay the Local Government elections in Sindh.
Instead of taking the lead, the Sindh government has decided that it will not approach the Supreme Court to delay the Local Bodies’ polls in the province.
The Election Commission and the Standing Committee of the National Assembly for parliamentary affairs, two days ago, took a uniformed position in this regard. It expressed the LG elections are not possible on the dates announced for Sindh and Punjab.
The ECP, during a meeting of the parliamentary committee, expressed inability to ensure printing of ballot papers for the LB elections in Punjab and Sindh on the given schedule, growing uncertainty for timely holding of the polls .
Both the organisations have advised the Sindh and Punjab provinces to approach the Supreme Court for delaying the polls . It may be noted that the Printing Corporation of Pakistan on Friday has also sought at least half a month time to print 300 million and 30 million ballot papers for Punjab and Sindh respectively. According to repots, the printing is not possible within the schedule of polls announced for the two provinces.
It has been reported the ECP will endorse the plea of the provinces, if the Sindh and Punjab provinces requested the Supreme Court for delaying the polls .
The parliamentary committee had also unanimously recommended that the announced schedule of the Local Bodies Elections should be reviewed and delayed for a few months in Punjab and Sindh.
A senior official of the Sindh government told The Nation the provincial government had argued before the ECP that the LG polls must be delayed for March but the ECP did not accept their suggestion.
Now, when the ECP itself stuck in the problems for lack of preparations on its side, it wanted the Sindh province to approach the apex court to get the polls delayed.
Senior official of the government confirmed to The Nation that Sindh government will not take the lead but it can be a party if the ECP files review petition before the Supreme Court to delay the polls .