It was very tragic when brothers of same faith were separated in 1971, after a bitter conflict. This happened due to multiple internal and external factors. It has now been 5 decades and both countries resolved to move ahead and look forward, instead of indulging in blame and revenge game. Unfortunately an extremist political section chose a different warpath and set up War Crime Tribunals in Bangladesh to punish patriotic opponents, who had been pro Pakistan Bengali Muslims at that time. Strange enough, PML-N government failed to raise its voice or call attention through OIC, UN, and the Commonwealth against this brutal and barbaric injustice meted to Bengali Muslims.

The world conscious did not bother to protest, all champions of human rights, anti execution and justice kept quiet. Unfortunately the drama in blood has not ended. Is it not fair to set up a war tribunal in Pakistan to try those criminals who were responsible in 1971, for large scale killings, looting, arson, destruction of innocent civilians and military personnel in East Pakistan? The crime of convicted Bengalis was that they supported Pakistan and tried to help its civil and military in maintaining peace, law and order.

The Pakistani war tribunal must collect evidence, check history record, arrange good lawyers and award punishment to all living and dead Bengali politicians, responsible for treason, revolt and mutiny in an established country. We may not be able to do anything practically yet Hassina Wajid can learn a lesson that her Awami League is full of such convicts, who are hardcore criminals.


Lahore, December 24.