Islamabad - Some 141 VIPs among 738,477 motorists have been issued challan tickets by the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) for violation of traffic rules during the current year.

Around Rs 22.173 million fine has been collected for the violators, according to ITP data. Two advisors to the Prime Minister, 20 members of the National Assembly, eight senators, five members of provincial assemblies, seven judges, a senior police officer and four federal secretaries are among the very important personalities (VIPs), who were challaned for violating traffic laws.

The owners of 12,770 vehicles were fined for using tinted glasses and 31,662 for displaying fancy number plates. Departmental action was taken against 19 traffic police personnel on public complaints.

The ITP received a total 749 public complaints against public transport and redressed about 607 immediately. Some 8,661 transporters were fined for dropping the passengers without stop, 3,241 for misbehaving with the passengers, 5,755 for using pressure horn, 6,419 for driving passenger vehicles without route permits and 606 for smoke emitting vehicles.

Likewise, 38,095 motorists were fined for careless driving, 8,953 for out of order lights, 10,536 for driving on one way, 6,472 for driving on wrong side and 22,878 for driving without licence. The ITP also fined 80,095 motorcyclists for not wearing helmets, 27,734 motorists for not giving way to other traffic, 20,846 for lane violation, 45, 809 for parking in no parking zone, 29,840 for disrupting the traffic flow, 53,058 for over loading, 1,537 for over speeding, 15,119 for parking at bus stops, 1,882 for parking on Zebra crossing and 6,143 were given cahallan tickets for dangerous driving.

Similarly, 28,783 people were fined for violation of traffic signals, 7,151 for driving in prohibited areas, 5,195 for under age driving, 10,124 for taking wrong turns, 51,956 for not using seat belts, 35,062 for using mobile during driving and 13,681 were fined for driving on high beam.

The ITP personnel provided immediate assistance including mechanical, provision of petrol, pick and drop to around 5,360 motorists who sought help through calling on 1915.