SHEIKHUPURA: An influential landlord has allegedly amputated both hands of a laborer, after the latter refused to perform duty on his farm lands.

Abu Bakar, son of a farm laborer Siddique, was hired by former Nazim and PTI leader Rana Israr for doing work on his farm land as field worker for one year. Following completion of one year, Abu Bakar returned to his village. Rana Israr along with his associates allegedly abducted Abu Bakar five months ago claiming that he (Abu Bakar) has not repaid outstanding dues of Rs15,000 to him. They chained him and made him work in farm lands for three months.

After Abu Bakar cleared the debt by working at the farm and tried to return to his home, Israr and his associates stopped him forcibly from going back and upon his refusal, the land lord and his associates cut his hands with a cutter.

The father of Abu Bakar when rushed to land lord house, he was also imprisoned by Israr before they escaped. The mother of the amputated worker has appealed to the high ups, to bring the land lord to justice for the crime.