The symbolism of this ghastly and daring attack in Karachi on MP Jeep killing two jawans has upped the ante by terrorists and criminals and requires an immediate crackdown, otherwise it will have serious consequences on an already precarious security situation. When a terrorist attack occurred during Boston Marathon, the whole county was shut down- till such time all suspects were caught or killed. Once paramilitary forces along with other security agencies have been deputed to enforce rule of law and catch criminals, than it makes no sense of seeking prior permission from any elected public office holder. As it is political compromises about attacks on police and Rangers in past, have only emboldened criminals and now these elements have dared to attack our men serving in military.

Karachi ravaged by criminals, target killers and a booming criminal economy has become a place which is hospitable for terrorists by facilitating funding through criminal activities and acquiring weapons. These terrorists have merged with criminals in our cities and towns and it is impossible to wage a war against terrorism, unless an all out operation is mounted against every individual or group found involved in use of violence. Either we are in a war, or we are not. If it is war than extraordinary procedures should be adopted. Surveillance by civil elected executive should only be confined to ensure an independent JIT for investigation, with no right for selective justice because of any political considerations. Our border security, customs, intelligence and immigration should have zero tolerance for any irregularities, and every citizen or uniformed person must go through proper scrutiny because these terrorists have mounted attacks wearing various uniforms.


Lahore, December 1.