As cold weather is gradually becoming harsher, natural gas supply has shrunk in many areas of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi with low to zero pressure.

Residents of sectors G-8, G-6, G-7, G-9 and I-9 sectors have urged the authorities concerned to take notice of their ordeal because of low gas pressure and take remedial measure to improve gas supply.

Households have to face problems to prepare breakfast or cook meals on working days in general and on weekends in particular.

“Who can cook meals on zero gas pressure. We had planned to eat fish on last Saturday, but the non-availability of gas has shattered our plan. It is a routine that our children go to schools either without having breakfast or eating some bakery item,” Shahid Jamal, a resident of G-7 sector, told APP.

“We have been facing the problem for the last several weeks due to gas load-shedding. It even takes hours to make tea on low gas pressure,” Taimur, a resident of G-9, said.

He said the gas pressure remained almost zero in the morning and evening, and they had to arrange cooked food from hotels and `tandoors’, which was expensive.

Meanwhile, residents of various localities in Rawalpindi, including Waris Khan, Committee Chowk, Dhoke Khaba, Umer Road, Dhoke Elahi Bukush, Nadeem Colony and Arya Mohallah have also complained of low gas pressure.

The area people have to hold demonstrations demanding proper gas supply. They also urged the Minister for Petroleum to take action for restoration of gas pressure.

According General Manager Sui Gas Rawalpindi Region M Zahoor, the gas pressure would improve in a few days as steps were being taken to solve the problem.