SWAT  - District Councillor Swat and PML-N Women Wing leader Naseem Akhter has taken the issue of blocked BISP cards with Marvi Memon, Chairperson BISP.

Naseem Akhter, who is a social worker and district councillor in Swat, yesterday discussed the issue of blocked BISP cards with Marvi in Islamabad, as the reason for it was not known to the people affected by this development.

Talking with The Nation Naseem Akhter said that around 16,000 cards were blocked in Swat without any solid reason and the poor people couldn’t approach the concerned official. “I took the initiative and discussed the issue with Marvi Memon who had assured that the cards would be re-opened as soon as possible,” she added.

“There are number of local BISP offices in Swat, Saidu Sharif, Madyan, and Kabal but due to un-availability of funds these offices are going to be closed as BISP highups are planning to established an office for Malakand Division at Chakdara which will be very far from all the 7 districts,” she said.

She also said that Wasil-e-Haq programme has been stopped in Malakand division which indeed was a supporting initiative for the deserving local people.

“I also discussed the re-opening of this programme in Shangla, Swat and Buner districts which will certainly help the poor people in a proper way,” she added.