SIALKOT - A protest demonstration was held as prolonged loadshedding and low pressure of gas have badly hit the domestic life in Sialkot in cold and foggy weather due to which the domestic consumers are much perturbed.

A large number of the perturbed women with their children staged the demonstration as a protest against unending loadshedding of gas. The protesting women were carrying kitchen items. They marched on various inter-city roads while chanting anti-government slogans. They said that almost all the congested residential, commercial and industrial areas of Sialkot city including Pakka Garha, Kotli Behram, Model Town, Gohadpur, Muslim Town, Kashmir Road, Pak Pura, Prem Nagar, Nishat Park, Pooran Nagar, Water Works, Green Wood Street, Nehal Chand Street , Dara Aaraaiyaan, Tajpura, Hajipura, Rangpura, Hajipura Ban, Naikapura, Mubarakpura, Muhammadpura, Kashmiri Muhallah, Hamza Ghaus, Shafi Da Bhatta, Imam Sahib, Fatehgarh and Muhallah Bijli Ghar were badly hit by the worst gas loadshedding.

They said the pressure of gas remained very low when they had gas for about two hours during late night.

Likewise, the loadshedding for the domestic consumers has also irked the consumers in Sialkot, Daska, Pasrur, Chawinda, Badiana and surrounding areas.

The women said that there was 16 to 18 hours long loadshedding of gas for the domestic consumers While the pressure remains very low in the rest time due to which they were unable to prepare meals.

They said that they had to wake up in the nights to get their meals cooked thus their health was also disturbing due to restlessness and sleeplessness. The situation has been irking the consumers, especially females for the last month. They said that the situation had now become unbearable for them.

KHIDMAT CARDS: The district administration would issue Punjab CM Khidmat Cards to 774 handicapped people in Sialkot district.

The issuance of these cards would start on Dec 29, 2015 while help centres have been established under the supervision of the local assistant commissioners to facilitate the beneficiaries.

Earlier, it reviewed the arrangements made by the district administration for issuance of Khidmat Cards during a meeting held at his office.