Islamabad - People have urged the federal government to build a hospital here in the surroundings of Koral Chowk on Islamabad Expressway to provide better medical facilities to the residents of the rural areas at affordable charges.

The population of the twin cities (Islamabad, Rawalpindi) is increasing with the passage of time compelling the residents of the area to bear more issues like shortage of water, lack of medical facilities and congested roads.

One of the important issues highlighted by the residents of Koral, Ghori Town, PWD, Jinnah Garden, Sawan Garden, Navel Anchorage, River Garden and many other societies is the absence of any public hospital in the area.

Many other new societies were also being planned in these areas but lack of medical facilities is posing inconvenience to the general public.

A resident of Ghori Town, Arif Majeed said that private hospitals charge much more fees which is not affordable for a common man or salaried class in the prevailing price hike situation. “We appeal the concerned authorities to fulfill our demand of constructing a public hospital there, giving relief to the people of the area”.

Due to the cold weather, most of the people especially children are faced with seasonal diseases and a number of parents are visiting hospitals these days.

Another inhabitant, Qasim Shabir told that the patients of the area have to be carried miles away for check up in case of emergency. There is a heavy traffic flow on the Expressway which causes tension for patients, especially for ambulances to reach hospitals, Qasim said.

The patients of these areas are being carried out to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) or Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Polyclinic Hospital which takes more time for those residing in rural areas of the city.

Hospitals in Islamabad and Rawalpindi had already overcrowded, so there is need for a public hospital as soon as possible.