KARACHI - Former Pakistan internationals M Yousuf and Rameez Raja were involved in a brawl earlier Saturday night as the two went over the board in an online television show.

The difference of opinion about the return of Aamir, who was suspended from any cricketing action for the last 5 years, had already created tensions between the two great former players of Pakistan, but the direct communication between the two in Cricket discussion show led to a massive argument between the two.

Yousaf is in favour of Aamir while Rameez is the one who is opposing the return of the tainted pacer.

The argument started when Rameez started his talk by stating that “people with beards (pious) should not lie openly”. The statement started an argument which transformed into a rather ‘shameful’ and ‘disrespectful’ act from the two experienced campaigners of Pakistan’s Cricket team.

“A shameful man like you can only say things like these. You (Rameez Raja) have not done anything in your time and now you can only say things like these. If you have any shame you should not speak about cricket.” Yousuf replied.

The argument went on and on to the point where Rameez had to request the host of the show to avoid inviting ‘fake pious’ people to the show referring to Yousuf.

It may be mentioned that Yousaf’s calibre as a batsman and his cricketing skills are way ahead of that of Rameez. But commentating job and continuous presence on media gave Rameez edge when it comes to hold discussions on air. The discussion on the young pacer’s return turned into a rather personal fight and it no doubt is shameful when two such big names publicly go off the board with the language they use for each other.